Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Bliss List

This weekend was blissful. I didn’t plan for it or expect it but it was. I’m sure that part of it was the confluence of good weather, an open schedule, a healing heart and a downsized lifestyle. Still bliss is not a word I throw around lightly and like the perfect houseguest it doesn’t come often or stay long.

I pulled out a piece I started a few weeks ago. It seems like the ideal time to share it.

Bliss, the word is synonymous with joy, happiness, and contentment. Bliss has a different feel to it though. Joy is deep, spiritual. Contentment is quiet, warm, and comforting. Happiness is bliss on steroids. Bliss feels like the perfect alignment of stars, a fleeting yet intense affirmation that sometimes we get it right.

Here is my bliss list. These are the things that wrap me up in a long affectionate hug.

  • scratching a dog’s ear and having them lean into you
  • that first bite of your favorite dish (prepared by someone else)
  • the first kiss with a new love
  • a child’s head surrendering to sleep on your shoulder
  • when everything you brought into the dressing room fits, is priced right, looks great on you and is machine washable
  • tears of gratitude when you’ve done something for someone you thought was no big deal
  • fat flakes of snow on Christmas Eve
  • the smell of fresh coffee and bread baking
  • Sunday afternoon naps punctuated by soft, steady rain
  • overhearing someone say something nice about you
  • soft supple leather
  • the crackle of a fire
  • the afterglow of a summer sunset
  • an unexpected handwritten letter
  • dappled sunlight and spring breezes
  • waking up fully rested before the alarm goes off
  • the perfect cross breeze in your living room in early summer
  • fall days in the Midwest – crisp air, crystal blue skies, crunchy leaves and long shadows

What does your bliss list look like?

1 comment:

sandi said...

After reading your blog it made me feel very content.
My bliss list:
A snow storm
My grandaughter snuggled up against me in the middle of the night
The laughter of my hubby
When life is good for my children
Sunny, 85* and riding my motorcycle with my husband on one side of me and the beautiful country on the other
Yard work done, house clean, nice hot bath and my pj's on
Movies at home with it raining outside
Smile on strangers when you make eye contact
Fresh linen
Full tank of gas, bills paid and a little money left in the checkbook
Freinds that don't forget you

You are truely a inspiration in life, mine.