Sunday, September 23, 2007

Assignment: 200 words or less using the phrase "true success can be.."
She had been preparing her whole adult life for her definition of success. She sacrificed family, friends and relationships for fame, fortune and investments. She didn’t need neighbors or community she had clients and competitors. She didn’t seek love she sought domination in her field. She didn’t want a vacation because she had nowhere to go that her career couldn’t take her and no one to share it with anyway.

She didn’t just break through the glass ceiling she smashed it. She had her success. She thought fondly back to her first board meeting as chairperson, “Thank-you for coming,” she had begun. What an unnecessary statement. The board members had very little choice. She called the shots. She didn’t care what they thought as long as they served her purpose.

She was such a tightly wrapped type A personality that it came as no surprise when a stroke took her down.

And now, in a hospital room completely devoid of flowers, cards or visitors, unable to communicate with no chance of recovery it dawned on her that true success was more elusive than she planned. “Thank-you for coming,” she thought. What an unnecessary statement.

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