Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Assignment: Select a word and write a 200 word essay surrounding it

Friendship is the cornerstone for all other worthwhile relationships. Romantic love cannot survive without it. Parental love should aspire to it. There is no aspect of life that doesn't benefit from an infusion of friendship. In the workplace it provides synergy. In families it promotes harmony. In communities it builds bridges.

I am blessed with a variety of friendships. They come in all 31 flavors – complete with nuts.

I am proud to call Karen my friend. She is 20 years my junior and is navigating her way through motherhood, life in a new city and the non-stop cycle of parents and in-laws visiting their first grandchild. She is worried about fitting into her new community, being supportive to her husband, being a good mother to her son and being out of the job market. Amidst all of this she talks by phone to me every week because she also worries about my minor dramas. She, more than anyone, encourages me to write and believes I can do anything. I don't know why she worries about parenting her new son, she is already parenting me.

Friendship is selfless acceptance, support, compassion, love and respect. It comes in stages and waves. It takes many forms and comes to you in unexpected ways. Karen embodies friendship to me.

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Princess said...


You are so sweet (I read this through my sleep-deprived state of mind currently! Off to try to take a nap while Nathan is behaving). You are a dear friend and a perfect example of a true one. You inspire me to be a great mother because you are one, and you inspire me to be a great friend because you are one.

Lots of love,