Monday, September 03, 2007

Writing Exercise - Lesson 6
Assignment: Write based on another source such as a newspaper article, etc.

I recently picked up a used copy of Elaine St. James’ book, Simplify Your Life: 100 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy the Things That Really Matter. I love the idea of simplifying my life and I’ve been taking steps in that direction for over a year now – even before I read her book. It was a gratifying to see that I had already put some of her suggestions to use. I had reduced clutter (#1), stopped buying clothes that need to be dry cleaned (#9), and moved to a smaller house (#19). I had found a kindred spirit here.

There is, however, one area in which I take issue with Ms. St. James. Way down the list in a category marked “Special Issues for Women” she suggests that in order to reduce the complexity of your wardrobe you should make certain that all the shoes in your closet are the same (lower) heel height (#91). I know she’s right. She makes a great case for comfort, flexibility and the overall health of your feet in the long run. But this I cannot do.

I’m no Imelda Marcos but I have a healthy collection of shoes. We are best friends. I tuck them neatly away in safe see through containers and they are always there for me for job interviews, business meetings, weddings, funerals, Christmas parties and romantic dinner dates. They stay with me even when I lose or gain weight.

I have a fair representation of no-heel shoes. I have athletic shoes, hiking shoes (hardly ever used), winter boots, slippers and beach shoes and they are comfortable and functional. But in a sacred corner of my closet I also have cute two and three inch heeled summer sandals, two inch pumps, fashion boots and (drum role please) four inch stilettos. How could I ever choose between them?

I have a desk job in a small office so I can still pull off the high heels. Even among my younger, trendier female co-workers I have a legendary assortment. Two years ago I pulled a calf muscle on an elliptical machine (that contraction that blends treadmill and stair stepper workouts - don’t even get me started on the dangers of exercise) while I was wearing my very practical athletic shoes I might add. Anyway, I was “grounded” for several weeks while the muscle healed (no pun intended). My co-workers had no idea how short I was until I showed up in flats. I felt like I was standing in a hole.

You can dress up or down that little black dress by the style and heel height of your shoes. I enjoy my shoes and the wardrobe variety they provide. So with a respectful nod to Ms. St. James, I will retain this complex portion of my life a little longer.

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